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Augustus Le Plongeon

  • Vestiges of the Mayas or, Facts Tending to Prove that Communications and Intimate Relations Must Have Existed, in very Remote Times, Between the Inhabitants of Mayab and Those of Asia and Africa (1881)

  • Sacred Mysteries Among the Mayas and the Quiches, 11,500 Years Ago: Their Relation to the Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, Greece, Chaldea and India (1909)

Pablo Patron

  • Nouvelles études sur les langues americaines (1907)

Thomas Crawford Johnston

  • Did the Phoenicians Discover America? (1913)

A.H Verrill e R. Verrill

  • Americas ancient civilizations (1953)

Pierre Honorè

  • In Quest of the White God (1963)

Ivan Van Sertima

  • African presence in early america (1970)

  • They Came Before Columbus (1976)

Cyrus Gordon

  • Before Columbus; Links Between the Old World and Ancient America (1971)

Rafique Ali Jairazbhoy

  • Ancient Egyptians and Chinese in America (1971)

  • Ancient Egyptians in Middle and South America (1981)

  • Rameses III: Father of Ancient America (1992)

Andrzey Wiercinski

  • An anthropological study on the origin of the Olmecs (1972)

Alexander Von Wuthenau

  • Unexpected Faces in Ancient America 1500 BC-A.D: 1500, The Historical Testimony of Pre-columbian Artists (1975)

Samuel D. Marble

  • Before Columbus: The New History of Celtic, Phoenician, Viking, Black African, and Asian Contacts and Impacts in the Americas Before 1492 (1980)

Michael Anderson Bradley

  • Dawn Voyage: The Black Discovery of America: Amazing Evidence of Daring Voyages by Ancient West African Mariners (1981)


Alberto Marini

  • A sumerian inscription of the Fuente Magna (1985)


David Allen Deal

  • The Nexus: The spoken language - the link between Mayan and Semitic in pre-columbian times (1993)


Paul Alfred Barton

  • A History of the African-Olmecs: Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times to the Present Era (2001)

Reinoud de Jonge e Jay S. Wakefield

  • How the Sun God Reached America, C.2500 BC: A Guide to Megalithic Sites (2002)

Kurt Schildman

  • Mayan language and Hieroglyphics enriched by Babylon 500 BC (2002)

Diane E. Wirth

  • Parallels: Mesoamerican and Ancient Middle Eastern Traditions (2003)

Clyde Winters

  • Deciphrement of the Fuente Magna bowl (2004)

  • African Empires in Ancient America (2013)

Jeremie Samuel

  • Wonders of the Olmec Civilization: The Lost Orisha Kingdom in the West (2018)

Altri autori che hanno scritto sul tema

  • Bernardo Biados Yacovazzo

  • Garth Norman

  • Runoko Rashidi

  • Edo Nyland

  • Timothy Pauketat

  • Thor Heyerdal

  • Harold T. Williams

  • Edward Lanning

  • Niède Guidon

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