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Office / Tools panel

Originally born as an Office panel, this has evolved into a container providing access to many different tools that can be useful in many situations. All apps are originally designed in VB.NET.

  • Write: it uses an RTF control to allow the user to produce simple but effective text documents that can be saved in RTF format. Has words and characters count, interacts with clipboards, and can insert images and timestamps.

  • E-Book reader: an original reader that joins PDF and Windows Media technologies to allow the user to read his preferred e-books while listening to his preferred music.

  • Dictionary maker: you can create your own general purpose or language specific dictionary, but not only. As long as you conceive everything that follows the rule: definition = value, you can do it with this amazing tool.

  • Meteo client: instantly get access via the web to the weather forecasts for all major italian cities.

  • Speak: just insert a text, and this cute lady will read it for you in all installed languages. You can also launch the sound recorder and produce audio-books.

  • Rss Feeder: have the latest news read out loud via Windows speech synthesis, selecting from a wide range of Feed providers.

  • Notepad: a simple but effective .NET Notepad application.

  • HTML Pad: create your HTML document in code form with this application, test them and build them on the fly!

  • Map generator: get maps, directions, be able to travel where you want, thanks to Google mapping services included in this container app.

  • Calculator: a simple but effective calculator

  • Friendlist manager: keep track of your friends and work mates via this XML address manager.

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