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Aero 2018  - build 6.0 - release January 30th, 2018

Aero is an operating system simulation, properly a 'desktop replacement' or Overlay Shell, built entirely with Visual Basic 2010 Express edition, containing a lot of well structured and fully functional applications, conceived not as a mere demonstration but rather for a daily use.


With Aero 2018, the latest version of Aero, you can accomplish most of the functions of a real operating system on the application layer: it is multi-user, has over 30 native applications built with pure Visual Basic .NET, handles desktop personalization, programs minimizing and restoring, creation of draggable desktop icons.


Aero also has a feature called 'External Applications' which substantially is a customizable panel from which you can start up to 6 windows registered applications on your home PC.

Aero is fully USB compliant, has Network and Printing Devices detection, and opens the most common file extensions with its own applications.

Download the LATEST OFFICIAL version of Aero by clicking HERE!

(official build 6.0 - Aero 2018 - released: January, 30th - 2018)


Aero is a standalone application with no installation.

As such, it does not alter the PC or Windows environment. The software must be downloaded only from this official website, and the author is not responsible of any damage that may come from unproper use of the software or from a copy downloaded from other websites.



Aero 2018 requires at least 2Gb RAM, Windows 7 32/64bit and

120 Mb of free disk space.

Aero 2018 desktop best works maximized using 1600x900 resolution

and with Windows 7 application bar anchored on the left or right side.


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