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Aero is also fun. It contains 5 flash games loadable on a unique form, and 5 classic games.


  • Breakout: was born from a Youtube tutorial and was strongly modified adding levels, conditional score, multiple lives, sound and some upgrades in handling collisions. The graphic has been improved since Aero 2015.

  • Poker 1-1: has the computer challenging the user in a covert-cards poker.

  • Reversi: is the adaptation to Aero of the project by Kite37. Since the program was almost perfect on its own only a few updates were applied.

  • Flash Games: is a panel from which you can play 5 different games. They were online games from a flash resources website and have been taken offline to be used on Aero. The games are: Texas Hold'Em, Sexy Pool, Faranoid, Hotel Sim and Out of this World.

  • Pacman: has been introduced in Aero 2015, based on a great coding from Trent Jackson. It is one of the most appreciated versions of the famous game.

  • Space Invader: destroy all alien spaceship with this simple but amazing space game entirely coded in VB.NET


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