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Networking panel

Aero's NETWORKING panel shows 11 applications, some of which are grouped. The File Transfer utility in fact contains both a File Sender and a File Receiver. Most of all, these applications are created from scratch using some of the best scripting around mainly from MSDN forum and CodeBreaker community.

  • Web browser: the multi-Tab browser has certainly been Aero's masterpiece since the first version, it is a fully functional browser with chronology and favorites system, multiple tabs and privacy buttons. Essential in its look, can retrieve HTML's code, print and save pages.

  • Email client: a non-SSH email SMTP client with multiple outbound free servers, where you can also customize the sender's address.

  • File Transfer: it contains two clients, a sender and a receiver, they allow you to exchange files quickly via P2P connection.

  • LAN Chat client: a simple but useful text chat client for private messaging.

  • LAN Chat server: the chat server to connect the clients.

  • Remote Desktop client: connect to the remote desktop server to share your desktop and interact via internet.

  • Remote Desktop server: the server for the remote desktop client.

  • Social Manager: connect to you preferred social media websites from one single app.

  • Media Crawler: crawl the web for the files you need: simply insert the starting URL and select the download folder, and be ready to crawl!

  • Web Chat: connect to Aero's web chat to meet new Aero Enthusiasts.

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