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Multimedia panel

The Media Panel contains 8 original applications made with VB.NET: 

  • Video player: a multiformat video player built via the VLC activeX component

  • Image Browser: an image browser with fast preview and detailed view of the selected image. It is able to interact with the Scanner Manager, and you can choose the thumbnails size.

  • Paint: an original .NET version of the Paint program included in all Windows installations. It is able to use vector components.

  • Steganographer: with this amazing application you can encrypt text messages in your favorite images, and decrypt them back when you want. A nice way to send secret messages to all other Aero users.

  • Desktop Snatcher: this application captures the desktop in single-shot but is also capable of snatching the desktop in multi-shot mode via a timer.

  • Scanner Manager: manage your scanner, scan your images and documents and save them in multiple format. It can interact with the Image Browser.

  • DJ Console: an amazing console for DJs wanna-be, with 2 sound banks and 2 independent desks you can use to mix files. It has built-in recording capability and you have full control over volume and panning of the 2 sound decks.

  • Sound recorder: simply record everything coming from the Sound Mixer or your computer's microphone, and save it in MP3 format. 

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