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Versions and Download links

The original program: V.E.R.A. Voice Enabled Robotic Assistant


V.E.R.A. is a computer assistant capable of social interaction that can accept spoken commands to control itself and to interact socially with the user.

V.E.R.A. can open and close your applications, access websites on the internet, accomplish operative system's task recognizing your voice.

V.E.R.A. is designed to be simple, effective, captivating with her futuristic screen and sensual voice. All internal panels and components are hidden and show up by voice command.

V.E.R.A. uses external files to learn comands that handle internet websistes, windows applications, and social interaction. The user can update the TXT definition files to add all programs installed after V.E.R.A has been set up.

The Windows 7 light version with no speech recognition


V.E.R.A. Light is the Windows 7 version, with no speech recognition but with speech synthesis. 

All commands are given via keyboard, and they can also be concatenated.

Social interaction becomes more fluent as the user is no longer limited by speech recognition rules, and he can use commands in real sentences.

V.E.R.A. beomes a full operating Overlay Shell: VeraOS


V.E.R.A. meets Aero 2015 sp1 and becomes a real Overlay Shell with dozens of applications and functions; speech recognition is improved, moreover VeraOS uses an Emotional Dictionary and emulates 6 emotions (plus the standard lexicon). 

VeraOS has some beautiful desktops using various versions of the Halo character Cortana.

With VeraOS you have most of the functions you loved in VERA but also most of the best applications from Aero. Commands can be entered either via voice or via keyboard.

The ultimate evolution: VeraOS 2017


VeraOS evolves with a new HUD and becomes much more integrated with the computer; external applications have been added, and the emotional engine contains dozens of new interations. It also has a domotic panel pre-set for the control of 2 lights and 1 temperature sensor.

Download link:


VeraOS 2017 Desktop (1600x900 - Windows 7/8.x/10)

VeraOS 2017 Tablet Edition (1200x640 - Windows10)

VERA OS 2017 is graphically optimized for Windows 7 Ultimate

but the speech recognition and synthesis work best on Windows 8.x


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