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V.E.R.A. has a vocabulary containing a bunch of social interaction sentences for pure fun.

Given the nature of her vocabulary - a text file where every command / action or input / response is a single line - the interaction is limited; nonetheless, VERA's powerful emotional core allows you to change how the program answers to social sentences.

VERA has 7 possible answers: a standard one, and 6 emotion simulation, with one answer per emotion. This limit is purely educational, future versions of VERA will add a randomizer and handle a file with diferent answers for each emotion.

Nonetheless V.E.R.A. can be 'taught' new sentences, they can be added or modified in the external file and be customized according to the user's likes; starting with 10 simple sentences and a 1 to 7 corrispondence (the original version of V.E.R.A. did not use a randomizer and was limited to a 1 action / reply per command), she now understands more than 80 social interactions.


In her voice enabled form, V.E.R.A. is capable of undersranding commands also when they are preceded or followed by little words, although due to the limits of the recognitionGrammar it is difficult to make her understand complex sentences;



V.E.R.A. has been given a set of funny and emotional answers to make the social interaction more fluid and funny. Try ask her to show you her tits!!!


Social interactions


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