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Welcome to the revolution

VeraOS 2017

available for download

the ultimate evolution of


Voice Enabled Robotic Assistant

See the evolution of VERA and VeraOS in the VERSIONS PAGE

The original program: V.E.R.A. Voice Enabled Robotic Assistant


V.E.R.A. is a computer assistant capable of social interaction that can accept spoken commands to control itself and to interact socially with the user.

V.E.R.A. can open and close your applications, access websites on the internet, accomplish operative system's task recognizing your voice.

V.E.R.A. is designed to be simple, effective, captivating with her futuristic screen and sensual voice. All internal panels and components are hidden and show up by voice command.

V.E.R.A. uses external files to learn comands that handle internet websistes, windows applications, and social interaction. The user can update the TXT definition files to add all programs installed after V.E.R.A has been set up.

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