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VeraOS liks the applications contained in Aero 2015 sp.1 with VERA's previous versions. It can manage Operative System tasks like USB recognition, Network stats, IP detection, Folders Browsing and such, but can also provide you more than 20 original VB.NET applications.

VeraOS can access the internet opening and closing the browser via voice command, but also has instructions to open a pre-defined series of websites; all commands and actions can be edited so the user can add definitions.

Other than the applications available on the destkop panels, Vera has more applications running in background, lime the weather check, and recognition for the 'thought of the day' and 'wiki search'. 


The standard response for application commands are "Opening application" - "Closing application".

The standard response for website opening is "Website is opening in a while".

Opening websites is conditioned by a check for internet connection, meaning that if V.E.R.A. finds out that no connection is available the user is warned and the navigator is not opened.


Applications and actions


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